Flying Eagle is a Powerpuff-Bot used by the Mayor. He is the first He is the first and only
Flying Eagle
Powerpuff-Bot with a gender and is able to speak. He is voiced by Bill Nighy.
He is used on parades and holidays, like on Independence Day, Christmas, New Year’s, Etc., not for combat purposes. The tips of his wings are capsules for the fireworks and confetti. He is stored in the Museum of National History's basement, where only the Mayor can gain promition to enter. Hence his name, this creature resembles the legendary American bald eagle. He's usually shown in the Holiday Specials of Powerpuff Chronicles, although, the only time he actually appears in the movies is during the very end of movie 3, where he sets off fireworks in the sky and makes confetti descend.The way he roars relates to a dinosaur.

Eagle Roar



Flying Eagle is a spoof of Falconzord. He is a mammoth bird like robot about as large as an airplane.